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Tunog Kalye 2015 – Photos by: Chris Calumberan FZE

The Most Awaited Pinoy Bands are Ready to Rock DUBAI!!! THE DAWN, WOLFGANG, SIAKOL, THE YOUTH, YANO, GRIN DEPARTMENT featuring: Gates of Gomorrah Pull Box Umaioska Call of Nature November 20, 2015 at Al Nasr Leisureland (ice rink arena) next to Oud Metha Metro Station Dubai, U.A.E

The Scars of Felicity

Photography and Creative Direction by: Chris Calumberan Model: Fhelie M. Hernandez Makeup and Hair: Ivy Keps Peralta

Ten Gloc-9 Virtues I Admire

Holding on the idea of Sir Ken Robinson “Creativity is as important as literacy”, drives me to this passive search for talented life forms beyond my taste and environment. This is not an extensive research but a form of non-urgency kind of endeavor that I found important to share. In any given time, I would choose to discuss about ideas instead of gossiping about people. The views of what society force us what to live with urges me to examine personas behind ideas that inspires me. Anyways, I want to take this opportunity to write the 10 things I like […]

The Father of Pinoy Rock

I recently stumbled upon this video about a living legend of Pinoy Rock n Roll – Joey Pepe Smith. Directed and produced by Mr. Howei Severino, it was like discovering a piece of treasure since this must be the most complete documentary of Smiths life. Interesting clips from the Marshal Law era, describing how growing up with his grand mother and being an introvert helped him emerged to the local and international rock scene. The raw footage consisted of several days of interviews with Smith, his friends and family, and included a poignant concert at the Quezon City Jail, organized by Severino, 12 years after […]

Yo-Yo Ma

Another very inspiring story of mastery in art and this time about music with Yo-Yo Ma. This particular performance of Bach Cello Suite No2 tops my working playlist. My playlist consists of performances and artists that I love that helps me zone in while working. Zoning In allows me to shut off time and continuously work lightly with the help of their passionate vibration. I was inspired by his saying about performance, “The most important thing about performing is to make magic, to make a special moment. The whole process for me is never about proving something,it’s more about sharing something.” – Yo-Yo […]

War Photographer – James Nachtwey

Today, I am sharing another embed video from one of my Photographer heroes, James Nachtwey. As a war photographer Nachtwey skills are tremendously unique. He closes down his emotion to deliver true stories of conflicting nations and civil wars. He is another classic example of Flow. The isolation of oneself from other factors to effectively function. Nachtwey is truly in his element while working his craft. I believe that without compassion the world will remain tarnished by greed, manipulation and terror. A recent issue in Mindanao placed Philippines again in the global news. I do feel sorry about the loss of the families that are affected with […]

Changing Education Paradigm – Sir Ken Robinson

“Creativity is as important as literacy” ― Ken Robinson. I started watching rsa.org animated series from a college client of mine many years back. I have stumbled on this animation adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson. Sir Ken is world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin award. Because of this, he became one of my personal heroes. How he envision a revolution for a revamp of the standardized education paradigm, school is not for everyone type of scenario. I believe that we are all uniquely different and we should try to determine our […]

The Decisive Moment – Henri Cartier-Bresson

I must admit, this is a 18 minutes well spent. I am not really a street photographer but HCB really inspires me with his methods of composition and patience. The inspiration he gives through his photographs are pillars to what street and documentary photography stands for. My admiration of his personality being an Anarchist, non-conformist and a person of the Now. Photography for him is a form of meditation. A very good observant and a one of a kind artist, HCB is a proof of technicalities come secondary as long as you get the feeling right capturing the moment. One of my favorite quotes […]

10 Steps to Self-Discovery

Do you ever feel lost? Do you find yourself asking, “What do I really want in life”? This is a phase in our life that most of us really dwell on. That feeling of confusion and emptiness that makes us seek our real purpose. We were influenced by what our family, peers and society expect from us. Looking up to standards, which lead us to compare ourselves from others. Being in a constant competition, finding out ways how we can standout from the crowd – trying hard to impress others with our status in life. That desire for more made […]

An Infinite Goodbye

Performed by:  Joey Ayala and Bayang Barrios The music truly moves us is certainly those songs about love and relationships. This particular music really has that space in the hearts of people who work in far away places. The love for ones country and like an infinite goodbye from both ends of the earth the love goes ever lasting. This version with Bayang Barrios has that emotional pinch which Bayang always has on her songs. I am sure this will trigger memories and even open up special spaces in our hearts after listening to this tune. A beautiful, pure & simple but emotional […]